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With this in mind, that shouldn’t keep you from traveling if you can manage to save a modest amount over time. You can enjoy many affordable hot spots around the globe if you plan accordingly.

Have a look at our list of cheap places for broke Vancouverites to travel to!

10 Cheap Places To Visit When You’re On a Budget

Bangkok, Thailand

Cheap Places

Bangkok takes the cake as one of the cheapest places in the world to travel to because the flights, accommodation and travel costs are so cheap.

A flight from Vancouver to Bangkok can cost as little as $600 CAD round-trip with all taxes included. There are so many beautiful beaches, archaeological ruins, temples, markets and more and they are very inexpensive to get to and visit.

Once you are there accommodation can be as little as $4 CAD per night! With that being said, it may be wiser to splurge on that $15 CAD hotel to save yourself some grief.

Dominican Republic

Cheap Places

Beautiful beaches await you in the Caribbean sea!

Organize your spending habits and your Dominican holiday can run you a meager $40 CAD per day. Granted, you’ll have to stay in hostels and buy beer at the market; however, if you want to wake up close to one of the world’s most breathtaking beaches and enjoy a cold one, this is the way to go!

Prague, Czech Republic

While a plane ticket from Vancouver to Prague may be costly, a ticket from Vancouver to London is often extremely cheap. In fact, you can often grab one of those tickets for under $500 CAD, and then get a cheap, intercontinental flight to Prague. If not, there are flights (with connections) to Prague that shouldn’t put you past $850 CAD, but you’ll have to book in advance.

Once you are in Prague the food is cheap and the beer and wine flow freely and cost less than bottled water. You can stay in a 3 star hotel for $50 CAD and a hostel for even less. While there are plenty of things to do, simply walking around will amaze you. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, boasting magnificent architecture that will fill your Instagram page for miles.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Cheap Places

Photo: guido da rozze / Flickr

An extremely cheap, yet beautiful paradise, Vietnam is a favourite of tourists on a budget. If you live like a local you can get by on $50 CAD per day with all of your living expenses, including accommodation, factored in.

Granted, this is living very modestly, but if you are just there to experience culture and travel, why not? That calculation includes a hotel that costs roughly $15 CAD per night, an hour on a local bus, a glass of beer and a local meal of noodles. It will start to cost you a little more as you go up in activities and restaurants, but not by much.

Also, Vietnam is one of the most naturally breathtaking places on earth. You won’t be disappointed with this tropical retreat!


Cheap Places

Inexpensive, diverse, spell-binding, and immense, India continues to capture the hearts and minds of travellers the world over.

While it is quite a far ride from Vancouver, tickets to India Dehli can go for under $700 CAD if you buy them in advance.

Once you arrive, there are myriad things to do on a budget. Depending on where you stay, accommodation is very inexpensive. Often it is as little as $15 CAD per night. There is street food galore, and it is so hot in some areas you’ll find you aren’t that hungry.

India is home to some of the world’s greatest landmarks, such as the Taj Mahal, the Ganges River, the Kanha Tiger Reserve, the Golden Temple and many more.


    La Paz, Bolivia

    Cheap Places

    This country is known as the Tibet of the Americas and is as cheap as Nepal to travel through.

    Indeed, La Paz’s appeal comes from its historical preservation. The streets are lined with old colonial buildings and whitewashed facades that are beautiful to stroll through. The city also avoids becoming unbearably hot during the summer as it is surrounded by mountains.

    Getting through a day in this magical city will never put you over budget, where food and drink can cost as little as a couple of dollars.


    Cheap Places

    One of the cheapest places to visit in central America, Honduras boasts ultimate value for your budget.

    While it is extremely inexpensive, the white sand beaches are reminiscent of luxury destinations like the Maldives. The water is also on the Caribbean side of Central America, and therefore it holds that turquoise-blue hue that truly makes you feel like you’re in paradise.

    A typical day in this Southern gem will only run you around $30 CAD if you live modestly.


    Cheap Places

    While there are still some undeniably extravagant ways to holiday in this Mediterranean favourite, there are ways to spend your time in Greece on a budget.

    Indeed, the recent economic pandamonium has put the country in a dire financial situation. While this is bad for Greece, it means that you’ll be able to stay there for very little.

    Some of the major tourist hotspots, like Santorini, are quite costly. Opt for islands and cities that are not as popular and try to eat street food more often. Even the less visited islands, such as crete, are home to some of the most picturesque views in the world.




    Cheap Places

    With flights to Manila costing less than $600 CAD return to Vancouver, this destination boasts ultimate affordability.

    Not only are some of the most tantalizing beaches and activities located around the island, but you can stay for incredibly little. Meals and drinks will run you at just a couple of dollars per day, and hostels are around $10 CAD.

    Even a beautiful resort won’t run you too much, and you’ll be able to do incredible things like swim with whale sharks while you are there.

    Bali, Indonesia

    Cheap Places

    A favourite of budget travels around the globe, Bali is a unique and breathtaking place to visit.

    Known as a surfer’s paradise, it crystal waters and epic sunsets are second to none. In addition, market food and beer will cost you very little here, so you can enjoy the offerings on a very tight budget. They also have a range of accommodation to suit your wallet needs.


    Source: 604NOW