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velopalooza festival 2016

Image courtesy of ItzaFineDay |

Despite all the hills, Vancouver is one of the best places to ride a bike due to its ever-increasing number of bikes lanes and bike trails (Seymour Demonstration Forest, anyone?). So it makes sense that there would be an almost month-long celebration of all things cycling taking place in the city this June.

Velopalooza is a very unique festival because instead of making it a one-day affair, the event stretches from June 10 – 26 and consists of themed bike rides. Join one or join them all, but have fun doing it!

There are over 40 rides scheduled for the 16 days of the event, so we’ve pulled out a few of the most unique and interesting rides to help spark your interest…



When: Saturday, June 11 at noon
Patterson Skytrain Station
What is it: Do it solo or in a team of 3, this bike ride takes you back to the good ol’ days with a scavenger hunt theme. There’s numerous spots where activities are scheduled (think: bike kickball, rodeo, racing on kids bikes, etc…) and points are awarded for winning events and collective scavenger hunt answers along the way. It isn’t a race, but there is an ending time…
More info: Velopalooza website

naked bike ride

Image courtesy of Carlos Felipe Pardo |


When: Saturday, June 11 at noon
Where: Meet at Sunset Beach
What is it: Do we have to make it more obvious? “Join tens of thousands of happy, naked cyclists in the greatest celebration of human powered happiness the world has ever seen!” This Tour de Butt is what it is, people going as bare as they dare around the city and shocking unsuspecting bystanders. It’s a spectacle, to say the least.
More info: Velopalooza website


When: Sunday, June 12 at 4:00pm
Where: Clark Drive Plaza (on the West Side)
What is it: It’s Karaoke on the go! This bike ride has you tooling around town with some tunes. There will be two wireless mics available and you can queue up whatever track you’d like to sing along to. Here’s hoping we’ll here some Whitney Houston “I will always love you”… or maybe not.
More info: Velopalooza website


When: Monday, June 20 at 7:30pm
Where: Mount Pleasant Park (West 16th Ave @ Ontario)
What is it: This ride is all up to chance! Two big dice are rolled to determine how many blocks to ride, and which direction to turn once you get there (ie: Odd total = Turn right, Even = left). Last year’s ride roamed East Vancouver and happened upon ice cream and jungle gyms. This year the ride moves to a new part of town. What adventures will Lady Luck find for riders this time?
More info: Velopalooza website

Critical Mass Vancouver 2013

Taking over the Granville Street Bridge. Photo Credit: Dooq | Flickr


When: Friday, June 24 at 5:00pm
Where: Vancouver Art Gallery (on the Georgia Street side)
What is it: Vancouver’s most loved or most hated event, depending on who you ask… This is the Velopalooza version of Critical Mass, which basically means it’s pretty much the same as usual but much more enthusiastic! Costumes and decorated bicycles, trailers, signs, flags, noisemakers, gettoblasters, sound systems, drums, and wildly modified bicycles are all highly encouraged!
More info: Velopalooza website

There are 40+ more cycling adventures to be had during the Velopalooza event, and more are being added each day. You could even host your own themed bike ride! Learn more about the 16 day festival taking place from June 10 – June 26 at the Velopalooza website.

Source: Inside Vancouver