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by Amy Huang |

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching many of us are stuck scratching our heads on what we can and cannot do. 

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of ideas in and around Metro Vancouver where you can express your love for that special someone. We are here to help you do just that. 

Here are 14 different COVID-19 friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas. 

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

A Fancy Take-Out Menu for a Valentine’s Dinner At Home

A number of restaurants are now offering a full take-out dinner to go, so that lovers can enjoy a nice multiple course meal at home. The prices range depending on the restaurant, but typically start at $100 and up, as options vary from an exquisite sushi meal to a full-course fine dining option. 

Some restaurants that are offering a multiple course at-home dinner include: Notch 8 at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Botanist at Fairmont Pacific Rim, Globe@YVR at Fairmont Vancouver Airport, Railtown Catering, Minami Sushi, Homer St. Cafe, Fable Diner, and Sequoia Restaurants Sandar, Cardero’s, and Seasons in the Park.

Cook Together with Meal Kits

A couple that cooks together… enjoys food together. Restaurants like Medina Cafe and Belgard Kitchen are getting creative for couples that want to enjoy creating a meal together. You can purchase a meal-kit, complete with instructions and all ingredients to enjoy a restaurant quality meal that you have prepared together. 

Stroll Around Town

couple valentine's day

Photo: @sworldguy / Flickr

Rain or shine there is nothing more romantic than taking a good ol’ stroll. Grab a coffee or tea, and spend some time walking hand in hand in areas such as Granville Island, Burn’s Bog, Steveston Village, False Creek, Whiterock Pier, or the Downtown Waterfront. There is beauty in pockets all across the Lower Mainland.

Some Like It Hot…Chocolate


The last day of the Hot Chocolate Festival is on February 14th. Take a look at participating vendors and the flavours available this year, and warm your loved one up with a decadent cup of luxurious cocoa. Get a treat while you’re there and call it a sweet date.

Hit Up Dine Out Vancouver

dine out vancouver

Photo: Afghan Horsemen/Dine Out Vancouver

Take advantage of the amazing menus being offered across the Lower Mainland with the Dine Out Festival. On until March 5th, it’s a great way to enjoy a multiple course meal at your preferred budget and location.

Get Cheesey…with some Poutine

Although ahead of Valentine’s Day, there is no harm in celebrating a bit early. In fact, wouldn’t that make for a great surprise! Take advantage of La Poutine week and get some comforting cheesey fries to enjoy together…because sometimes it’s enough for two.

Take Some Pretty Pictures at Vancouver Mural Winter Fest

vancouver mural fest - valentine's day

Photo: Vancouver Mural Festival

On from February 12 – 28, the Vancouver Mural Winter Fest is going digital. You and your partner can enjoy exploring various landmarks, and take snaps with the augmented art features. It can serve as sort of a scavenger hunt but with amazing pictures.

Earn brownie points with tickets to Imagine by Van Gogh

imagine Van Gogh

Photo: Imagine Van Gogh

Although not opening until March 19th, surprise your loved one with tickets to this highly anticipated immersive art exhibit that promises to be mesmerizing. Imagine Van Gogh is an event that your partner wouldn’t mind taking an “IOU” for.

Take A Trip to The Arctic – Arctic Voices

science world exhibit arctic voices polar bears - valentine's day

Starting February 11th, Science World is hosting an exhibit that will showcase the Arctic in a truly interactive way. Arctic Voices will be like taking a trip to the Northern-most area of the world, without actually having to go there.

Spa Day

spa day for Valentine's Day

Photo: Willow Stream Spa/ Fairmont

With all the talk of things COVID-19, get in some downtime and relaxation together. Visit a spa and get some pedicures together or even a couples massage. Although there are protocols in place, for example a limited use of amenities, spa services are still available.

Virtual Wine Tasting

virtual wine tasting Valentine's Day

Photo: @vincenzolandino / Unsplash

Yes it is a thing. Many BC Wineries have gotten creative since the pandemic and giving wine lover a chance to do a wine tasting in the comfort of their home. You can order wines to be delivered to your home and do a tasting via Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube. Destination Osoyoos outlines the wineries that are providing this option. Some hotels, such as Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, are also offering this in partnership with local wineries.

Staycation In Your City

staycation Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Valentine's day

Photo: @fairmonthhotelvancouver / Facebook

A getaway in a local hotel can be a nice way to feel pampered and luxurious without having to travel far. Book a stay at a nice hotel, order some flowers, light candles, and order room-service. Go all out for a night or two, since you aren’t spending the money on travel.

Take a Hike

Valentine's Day Metro Vancouver 2020Even in the winter, there are ample areas around Metro Vancouver that allow for a beautiful and scenic walk or hike. Browse our list of parks that are even more beautiful in the winter, or try our roundup of snow-free hikes near Vancouver.

Enjoy the Sunset 

couple kiss Valentine's day Vancouver

Photo: @fallen_archer / Flickr

Visit the Vancouver Lookout in the evening and enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset over the Vancouver horizon. Or bundle up and grab a spot on Jericho Beach or English Bay and enjoy watching the sun go down in each other’s arms. Alternatively, sunsets from Burnaby Mountain never disappoint. 


Source: 604Now