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17 Richmond Restaurants With The Best Cheap Eats Under $15

by Amy Huang |

From Asian cuisine to international flavors, Richmond is a haven for food enthusiasts on a budget.

Cheap Eats in Richmond

Kam Do Bakery


Stop by this specialty bake shop offering a wide range of traditional Chinese pastries, buns, egg tarts, cakes, and much more. One of their biggest hits is their honey cakes (6 for $14.50). Or try their chocolate Swiss rolls for $10.99 or one of their crispy egg tarts for $8.50.

Address: 6211 No. 3 Road Unit 130

Tian Shi Fu


This restaurant has amazing hand pulled Lanzhou soup noodles for only $13. It is both delicious and filling meal at great value on a late night. They also have amazing BBQ skewers, similar to what you would find at the Richmond night market.

Address: 6111 No. 3 Rd

Hei Hei Rice Roll

If you’re a fan of rice rolls, then you have to try the Hei Hei Rice Roll food stall located in the Richmond Public Market. They specialize in a delectable variety of steamed rice rolls with unique fillings such as pork, beef, BBQ pork, shrimp, and vegetarian options.

What sets them apart is their commitment to using freshly stone-ground rice flour, adding an extra level of authenticity to their mouthwatering rice rolls. Prices range from $6.00 (mixed sauce) to $9.00 (Beef, Pork & Shrimp).

Address: Richmond Public Market, 2430-8260 Westminster Hwy


Pierside Deli


For a cheap breakfast, head to this deli. They offer breakfast bagels for $7, omelettes for $11.75 and pancake bites for $9.45. For lunch, try one of their $9 sandwiches (clubhouse, BLT, crispy chicken), curly fries poutine ($8.75) or seafood club wrap with all the fixings ($10.75).

Address: 3800 Bayview Street

Paul’s Kitchen


This hidden gem is located inside the parking lot of the Real Canadian Super Store in Richmond. It feels like a Hong Kong style neighbourhood eatery. It features mostly Hong Kong style western dishes, and a few Chinese comfort foods. Everything on the menu is under $13. The beef brisket noodle soup is only $10, and the chicken cutlet spaghetti with rice is $10

Address: 4651 No. 3 Rd

Banzai Sushi House 

This sushi spot is known for its generous portions for reasonable prices. The menu has lots of rolls to choose from, ranging in price from $3.25 to $7.25. Their vast selection of sashimi is priced between $2.25 to $3.50 a piece. Plus, if you give them a day’s notice for takeout, you can save 10% off your meal.

Address: 8251 Westminster Hwy


L.A. Grill


Check out this popular spot for a variety of eats, with the majority of items on their menu coming in under $15. Starters include garlic prawns ($11), calamari ($12), nachos ($13) and wings ($12). They also have $11 pasta dishes (fettuccini alfredo, spicy tomato linguini and curry penne). For something handheld, try their cajun chicken burger ($12), mozzarella burger ($14), BLT ($11) or shrimp club ($14).

Address: 8100 No 2 Road #128

Kove Kitchen


This cozy spot right on the harbour in the bustling Steveston Village is a must. Their Happy Hour runs from 3 to 5 pm Monday to Friday and includes a variety of good deals. Get a cup of fries or yam fries for just $5. Their bigger eats include their signature burger for $11, chicken fingers and fries for $11 and their kung pao cauliflower, which is also $11.

Address: 3900 Bayview Street

Pho 37


This joint serves up so much more than pho, and it’s reasonably priced. They have several $4 eats, including their double cheeseburger, blue cheeseburger, Texas burger and double cheeseburger. For something sweet, check out their dessert menu, which includes items ranging from $2 to $7.

Address: 8328 Capstan Way #1101 and 11666 Steveston Hwy #3120


Shawarma Palace


For some authentic Middle Eastern shawarma, look no further than Shawarma Palace. Try their lamb donair or chicken shawarma for just $9.68 for a small or $13.43 for a large. Their veggie wrap is just $9.06, while a small falafel wrap is $9.37. They also have plenty of sides to choose from that are under $7, including their hummus, spicy garlic potatoes, home fries and rice.

Address: 11020 No 5 Road #123

Hugo’s Churros & Tacos


This Mexican joint serves up a variety of tacos that are $6 each. They include: chicken tinga, beef barbacoa, carne asada, pork carnitas, nopales, pollo asada and more. Their burritos and burrito bowls go for $13.50 and they have lots of sides starting at just $3 a piece. Plus, they have a churro bowl for $9 and a churro ice cream sandwich for $9.50. Or just get a single churro for $4.

Address: 7899 Templeton Station Road



For a quick (and budget friendly) meal, be sure to try Japadog. They offer lots of eats under $10, from hot dogs with a variety of toppings to poutines, karaage and more. Their shaked fries ($3) are also a big hit, and come in the following flavours: shichimi and garlic, black pepper, butter and shoyu, aonori, cheese and regular.

Address: 7899 Templeton Station Road


Win Win Chick-N


Get your fill of all things fried chicken at Win Win Chick-N. Get their two piece fried chicken for $6.99, 3 piece for $9.94 or 5 piece for $14.95. They also have combos with a two piece and snack for just $9.99. Their sides include mashed potatoes, fries, poutine, Filipino style macaroni and yam cakes.

Address: 12160 First Avenue

Bubble Waffle Cafe


Dig into delicious bubble waffles or HK style waffle cakes for just $4.75 at this eatery. The cafe also serves a variety of other cheap eats, including fried shrimp balls ($5.99), stinky tofu ($5.99), salty chicken nuggets ($8.50), cumin squid ($8.95) and Shanghai juicy pork dumplings ($6.80).

Address: 9040 Blundell Road Unit 175, 11660 Steveston Hwy #1030 and 6551 No. 3 Road

Outpost Mini Donut Company


This shop has become a go-to destination for fresh gourmet mini donuts. Their mini donuts are always made fresh daily using high quality ingredients, and they’re not expensive. Get half a dozen for $5.25, a baker’s dozen (13) for $8.50 or their 20 donut special for just $12.

Address: 110-12240 Second Ave


Max Noodle House


Dig into some delicious Cantonese dishes at this noodle house. Their spring rolls come in vegetarian, taro and pork, and they’re $7 for a pack of three. The menu also has a plethora of soups, ranging in price from $6.50 to $12.50 a bowl. For a little more, you should also try their delicious deep fried chicken or soy-sauced beef shank for $14.50.

Address: 8291 Alexandra Road

Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine


Discover this no-frills fixture specializing in Hainanese chicken and other Singaporean dishes. They have lots of options $10 or less,  including BBQ satay, curry beef rice, fried rice noodles, fried prawn noodles, seafood mee goreng, roti with curry sauce, and much, much more.

Address: 9060 Capstan Way

Taco Luis


This fast food favourite in Lansdowne Shopping Centre whips up some delicious Mexican food for cheap. Sink your teeth into a trio of beef tacos for just $9.09, or two crispy beef (or vegetarian) burritos for $5.85. They also have taco salad for $9.09 and tater tots for $4.43.

Address: 1040-5300 No. 3 Road


Source: 604NOW