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2 exhibits you need to see at the Vancouver Art Gallery right now

by Blog Updates |

This unique exhibit takes a look at the innovative approaches to photography that have been developed right here in Vancouver, focusing on the city and its surroundings. It features photographs and videos by current and past Vancouver-based artists. With works dating back to the late 1950s, Pictures From Here shows how photography made the transition from landscape traditions to something quite different. It explores the social practices that filled the city’s lens-based art over the past four decades and the impact they’ve had.

The exhibition features work from artists including Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Karin Bubaš, Christos Dikeakos, Stan Douglas, Greg Girard, Rodney Graham, Paul Wong, Cornelia Wyngaarde, and Andrea Fatona, among many others.

Pictures From Here will be on display until September 4, so you have plenty of time to stop by the gallery and check it out.

Emily Carr: Into the Forest

Arguably one of Canada’s most prolific artists and writers, Emily Carr was one of the first painters in the country to adopt post-impressionistic and modernist painting styles. Luckily, the Vancouver Art Gallery is now home to some of the finest Carr collections in the world with the inclusion of the artist’s Into the Forest collection.

Back in the 1930s, Carr went into the forest to paint on canvases and oil on paper. Seeing the natural world in a new light allowed her to capture the essence of the coastal forest around her home in Victoria in a way that wasn’t seen before in BC art. The vitality of the outside world fascinated the artist and led her to create some of her best works that you can now see at Into the Forest.

The exhibit features paintings from a private collection and is being showcased until December 4. For more information, visit Vancouver Art Gallery online or call 604-662-4700. To receive the latest news and updates, check out the gallery on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Source: Daily Hive