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by Amy Huang |

Because why do dinner and a movie when you can play wizard-themed mini golf or sip on cocktails at a Peter Pan inspired bar? You can do it all at Vancouver Alpine Club.


Magical Pop Up Events in Vancouver

Neverland, An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar


Embark on a 90-minute adventure to a place designed to keep you young and make sure you never grow up.

You’ll be able to experience the wonder of the Blue Lagoon, climb aboard the Jolly Roger, and hang out at the Lost Boys Hideout. Of course, there will also be all kinds of magical cocktails sprinkled with a little bit of pixie dust.

When: On now until August 27, 2022

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive

Cost: $45 per person | Discounted Tickets

The Alice, An Immersive Cocktail Experience


Go down the rabbit hole for an immersive 90-minute topsy-turvy journey into the magical realm of Wonderland (but with cocktails).

For those both curious and curiouser, this event is described as the “tea party to end all tea parties.” It features riddles, challenges, “eat me” cookies and bespoke Wonderland cocktails.

When: On now until September 4, 2022

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive

Cost: $46.50 per person | Discounted Tickets

Potion Putt, A Wizardy Mini Golf Course


Test your putt-putt skills on this magical golf course inspired by fantasy and fiction. There are nine wand-erful holes, where you’ll find smoking cauldrons, tasty beverages and magical portals along the way.

You may even have to cast a spell or two in order to complete the mystical challenge, before winding down at the bar.

When: On now until August 28, 2022

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive

Cost: $18 per person | Tickets

The Wizard’s Den Semester II


What do you get when you mix a theatre show with an escape room? The Wizard’s Den. This one-of-a-kind 90-minute experience features riddles, cocktails and magic.

Expect the unexpected as you go on an epic adventure into a world of fantasy and boozy potions, all while trying to solve a series of riddles.

When: On now until August 28, 2022

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive

Cost: $40 per person | Discounted Tickets


Source: 604NOW