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by Amy Huang |

BC is home to a handful of magical places that look a lot more exotic than what you’d expect to find in the province.

Discover the best Caribbean-like destinations BC has to offer at these local hot spots.

White Sand Beaches In BC

Chesterman Spit, Tofino


Visit this incredible locale located between North and South Chesterman Beach. The sand spit reaches out from Chesterman Beach to Frank Island, which features white sand beaches and unsurpassed views of the region. It’s only accessible at low-tide, making it an even more special sight to see. Just remember if you wander off to Frank Island, to be sure to make your way back before the high-tide rolls in.

Location: Find it in Tofino, in between North and South Chesterman Beach


San Josef Bay, Cape Scott Provincial Park


You’ll feel like you’ve been transported somewhere far away when visiting this beautiful beach in Cape Scott Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. The park is actually home to several white sand beaches, including San Josef Bay. The others include Guise Bay, Experiment Bight, Lowrie Bight and Nissen Bight. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to go beach hopping.

Location: Discover this gem nestled in Cape Scott Provincial Park on Vancouver Island

Sombrio Beach, Juan De Fuca Provincial Park


Escape to this picturesque beach that is part of the scenic Juan De Fuca Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. You’ll feel like you’ve gone on a tropical vacation after a day spent beach-combing here. Plus, the beach also features a secret waterfall that can be discovered inside a cave mere steps away.

Location: It’s nestled in Juan De Fuca Provincial Park on Vancouver Island


Tribune Bay, Hornby Island


With its white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters, this might just be the closest you get to Hawaii without boarding a plane. The pristine Tribune Bay on Hornby Island has been rightfully given the nickname “Little Hawaii.” It’s an idyllic destination for those looking to enjoy the simplicity of island life.

Location: Find Tribune Bay on Hornby Island, which is on the east side of Vancouver Island

Calvert Island, Near Port Hardy


This remote jewel will take your breath away. The tropical oasis will seemingly transport you to the Caribbean without ever actually stepping foot outside the province, let alone the country. The island features a variety of secluded bays, coves and lagoons just waiting to be explored. It’s also often referred to as being the Caribbean of BC.

Location: It’s located on the southern edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, just north of Port Hardy


Source: 604NOW