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by Amy Huang |

Sometimes you barely have to travel outside the city (or even leave it) to discover some of the most magical destinations that will feel like you’ve been transported somewhere tropical.

Tropical Places In BC

Calvert Island, Great Bear Rainforest


If a remote getaway is just what you need, then look no further. This dreamy island is home to a variety of secluded bays, coves and lagoons just waiting to be explored. Plus, it looks much more tropical than you’d expect to find in the province. It’s even commonly referred to as being the Caribbean of BC and if you’re lucky, you may even spot some wildlife.

Location: Nestled on the southern edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, just north of Port Hardy

Mystic Beach, Juan De Fuca Provincial Park


It isn’t called Mystic Beach without a good reason. This absolutely magical beach features a stunning waterfall that cascades from the cliffs above that will take your breath away. It also has a perfectly-placed rope swing overlooking the ocean. While it may be hard to believe you can find this seemingly tropical oasis in BC, it does exist on Vancouver Island.

Location: Find it an the end of a hike in the breathtaking area of Juan De Fuca Provincial Park

Johnson Lake, Barriere 

Take off to this pristine place, which is home to the clearest body of water in BC. Many people who visit this incredible locale compare the crystal clear waters to what you would find in the Caribbean. It’s an idyllic spot to go for a swim during the dog days of summer. Or, just pack along your favourite floaties and watch the world float by for awhile.

Location: Find it in the beautiful area of Barriere, just north of Kamloops

Yoho National Park, Field


This bucket list worthy spot is not only one of the most sought-after locations in BC, but quite possibly one of the most spectacular places on earth. It’s filled with natural beauty that you just can’t find anywhere else. The serene Emerald Lake will dazzle visitors with its emerald-green waters featuring the picturesque Rockies as the ultimate backdrop.

Location: It’s in Field, which is just outside Lake Louise, near the BC-Alberta border

Cox Bay, Tofino


This is an incredibly popular spot for surfers, given its tropical vibes and big waves. It’s also known simply as “Surf Beach” for that reason. The 1.5 km beach features stunning views that proves exactly why the west coast is the best coast. It’s also one of Tofino’s most loved beaches, whether you’re surfing or just going for a scenic stroll.

Location: It’s off the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island in the quaint community of Tofino


Source: 604NOW