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by Amy Huang |

While restaurants are plentiful, there are a few that stand out in terms of decor or ambiance. We have rounded up just a few that may transport you and trick your mind to thinking you are on a vacation or elsewhere.

Check out these Vancouver restaurants that have taken the experience to a new level. Use that to enjoy good eats while pretending you are on vacation.


Visit These Vancouver Restaurants For Unique Vibes

Shameful Tiki

If you have ever gone to a luau, or wanted to, this place will give you serious tropical vibes. Enjoy Polynesian cocktails and cuisine, as well as a purely exotic ambiance with island-themed decor. This is your classic tiki bar but will make you feel like you aren’t in “Raincover” at all.

Address: 4362 Main St, Vancouver,

The Eatery

Perhaps one of Vancouver’s very well known “cool” restaurant, The Eatery never loses it’s appeal. This sushi restaurant’s decor has been entertaining people since 1983 (after all all good things came from the 80s right?). With funky art, humourous quotes, this is the “coolest” place to have your Asian fusion meal. Yes the sushi is delicious as well.

Address: 3431 W. Broadway, Vancouver

Loula’s Taverna & Bar

The sister restaurant of Nammos Estiatorio, arguably the best Greek restaurant in Vancouver, is Loula’s. This place recently opened up on Commercial Drive, and is already a popular destination. Not only is the food phenomenal, but the decor will make you feel you are dining in Athens.

Address: 1608 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Bonjour Vietnam

If you love Vietnamese food, this place will not only entertain your taste buds but will transport you to a tropical oasis. Part of the charm of this beautiful restaurant is all the photo opportunities with the lush green backdrops, bright pink florals, and even a swing. It’s truly a beautiful experience and place to dine at.

Address: 3944 Fraser Street, Vancouver

This Octopus’ Garden

This place can be considered a hidden gem. There is something whimsical about the decor, with enchanting lights and truly making you feel as if you are in Asia. The sushi experience is like no other with fresh ingredient and high quality foods rivaling the best restaurants in the city. This restaurant has been a gem in the city for over 29 years.

Address: 1995 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver


Source: 604NOW