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It is said that simply walking through a forest has many health benefits. Many take on hikes or trail walks to get exercise; but that’s not the only benefit it has for your wellbeing.

Wandering amongst the lush trees, breathing in the fresh air and being surrounded by nature can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, as well as ignite a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

Check out some of these BC parks and trails to bathe in the wonders of the forest.

Forest Bathing in British Columbia

Great Bear Rainforest

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Photo: HelloBC

A temperate rain forest situated on the Pacific coast of the province. The 21-million-acre forest is the largest of its kind on earth. Check out Bella Coola, the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, to find many scenic trails that are safe to wander and marvel at the ancient cedar trees.

Spirit Trail

spirit trail

Photo: Tourism Harrison

It’s a magical place that is sure to revitalize your soul. The brief trail walk in Harrison features dozens of beautifully hand-crafted clay masks to discover along the way. The masks all seem to have a different aura about them, coining the name Spirit Trail.

Minnekhada Regional Park

forest bathing

Photo: alextheturtle/Instagram

The park is a hidden gem in Coquitlam that serves as a peaceful nature sanctuary for all who visit. There’s a plethora of trails, scenery and wildlife to be seen—making it the ultimate place to escape into wilderness.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

forest bathing

Photo: abdallahh / Flickr

A stunning 874-hectare park located in the University Endowment Lands in Vancouver. With so much forested area; it’s an oasis for forest bathing. Check out one of the many picturesque trails to take in your surroundings.

Lighthouse Park

Photo: Michael Nugent/Flickr

Visit West Vancouver’s gorgeous Lighthouse Park. There’s easy trails leading to and from the iconic lighthouse. The park boasts some of Greater Vancouver’s largest Douglas Fir trees.

Lynn Loop

forest bathing

Photo: Michael Scheltgen/Flickr

One of the most beautiful spots in North Vancouver is Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Go around the Lynn Loop trail walk for an easier option that still immerses you in nature.


Source: 604NOW