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by Amy Huang |

Let’s face it, every now and then you need to relieve some stress, everyone does.

Luckily, Metro Vancouver has many pockets of fun things to do that can be really great for releasing tense thoughts and pent up energy.

In fact, a lot of these activities are fun things that can be done as a group or by couples too. From destroying a room to screaming on top of your lungs, these activities could leave you feeling surprisingly refreshed.

    Fun Things To Do When Stressed in Vancouver

    Practice Your Aim with Axe Throwing

    There is nothing quite as satisfying as hitting a target. However, wielding an axe is no easy feat. It takes more than physical strength to pull off, making it feel that much better to hit the mark. Luckily there are a number of axe throwing locations around Metro Vancouver, such as Urban Axe in Port Coquitlam, or Bad Axe Throwing in Surrey. You are led by coaches who will show you how to aim, swing and throw.

    Smash Some Stuff

    Have you ever felt you were so angry you could smash something? Well, you can. Smash Therapy in Richmond is a room where you can let out your anger by literally smashing them to pieces with a large hammer. In fact, if you have things of your own you want to destroy, you can do that in this space too.

    Scream On a Roller Coaster


    Sometimes letting it all out with a good healthy scream at the top of your lungs is all you need. While that may not be socially acceptable in public, it is on a roller coaster or any ride for that matter. Visit PNE or Playland and get on a ride, let it all out there.

    Visit The Shooting Range

    Ready, aim, fire… No surprise that a round of shooting at a target, in a safe and controlled way of course, would make this list. The Vancouver Gun Range offers Vancouver’s only indoor shooting range. There are professional instructors to keep it safe and show you how it’s done.

    Grind It Out


    Sometimes all you need to burn off a bunch of pent up energy is by using it up. The Grouse Grind is one of the most popularly excruciating hikes that can also make you feel like you are undefeatable. Not only does exercising help release endorphins, but the fresh air is great for clearing your mind. If you want a slightly easier grind but still a workout, perhaps try out the Coquitlam Crunch.

    Put the ‘Pain’ in Paintball

    If you can take a hit, paintball is perfect. You can assemble an army and just leave it all out on the battlefield. Paintball venues are not hard to find in Metro Vancouver: Ambush Paintball in Surrey, Richmond Indoor Paintball, Panther Paintball in Surrey, are just a couple of options.

    Choose Your Adventure At Castle Fun


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    A free admission amusement park in Abbotsford may be more stress relieving than you may know. There are two activities in particular that are great to relieve some tension. Try go-karting and feed your need for speed. Another good option is to hit at the batting cages, whack those baseballs and give it all you got.


    Source: 604Now