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Travis Rice’s new movie ‘The Fourth Phase’ : Official Teaser

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Travis Rice’s The Fourth Phase : Official Teaser for New Movie

As the follow up to the Art Of Flight, Travis Rice’s new film, The Fourth Phase, could easily be the most heavily anticipated snowboarding movie of all time. It’s been four years since AOF released and since then we’ve seen little footage of Rice. After taking a season off filming, there was his X Games Real Snow Backcountry entry in 2013, consisting of one run down an Alaska face, narrated by Todd Richards as Shush Mogulman, mocking the mainstream contest genre. Rice didn’t win. There were a few GoPro clips here and there, and a video announcing that Rice was working on the follow up to AOF. Last year, he released a POV shot where he peered down an AK descent called The Crack in response to the video of skier Cody Townsend riding the line, which went viral. Rice rode the line first, a sheer pitch that narrowed to giant rock walls a few feet wide at the bottom, but since he was sitting on the footage for his new movie he didn’t get the credit.

Aside from from that, and a few other shots, Red Bull Media House has kept photos, footy, and locations from Rice’s new project under lock and key, until now. But even with this teaser, the final film featuring Rice, Mark Landvik, Mikkel Bang, Eric Jackson, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, and more, is still a year away. Rice and crew will be shooting for one more season, so until then, check out the story in our December 2015 issue out soon, where we catch up with Rice for an update on the film. Stay tuned for more on The Fourth Phase right here on and

Source: Transworld Snowboarding