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Our Favourite Customer Letters Of 2015 By Arc'teryx

by Blog Updates |

Our Customers like to communicate with us regularly and we do our best to make sure they get the best customer service possible.  Sometimes they just want connect and say know how much they love their gear, their pets who ate their gear, or to invite us to have a beer if we ever make it down to Georgia.

This is a collection of our favourite letters and pictures our Customers Service team has received over the past 12 months. 

#1. Dog eats jacket. Owner still loves dog.


#2. Sometimes having to repair your gear makes you cry like a baby. We agree.

#3. We have no idea who opens mail around here either, but is definately a professional mail opener.


#4. See you at the pub, third stool left of the jukebox.

#5. This should be #1