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by Amy Huang |

So, these are the 9 best and kid-friendly hikes in B.C. Happy hiking!

Kid-Friendly Hikes You Must Check Out

Cascade Falls

This hike is just under one kilometre.

A short trail that takes you upwards towards a wooden platform, where you can enjoy nature’s beauty and a flowing waterfall. Located North of Mission, it’s relatively easy to get to, with a short walk to the metal gate where the actual hike starts.

Make sure you check for the gate, especially during the Spring and Summer seasons, as it might be hard to find.

Flood Falls

A quick jaunt up to an incredible, cascading waterfall, Flood Falls takes less than an hour round trip and is exactly one kilometre.

Located in Hope, it’s just off the highway. The trail takes you through the forest, where you start to slowly hear the waterfall before actually glimpsing it. Be careful not to slip on the rocks while you’re there!

Pitt Wildlife Loop

While this hiking loop goes up to 16km, it’s a simple trail, allowing visitors to turn back at any time they wanted. Located in Pitt Lake, the second largest lake in the lower mainland, the trail starts past the boat launch, at the Pitt Lake Dike.

It’s the perfect place to head for nature lovers and bird watchers, with the Pitt Lake area boasting a wide range of animal species. You can even spot beavers occasionally!

Whytecliff Park

A park that holds incredible scenic views and breathtaking sunsets, Whytecliff Park is out in West Vancouver, right on the Howe Sound shores.

It’s a two kilometre hike round trip about 45 minutes from Vancouver, with not overly rough terrain. These reasons alone make it one of the best kid-friendly hikes in Metro Vancouver. If you want to spend the day there, you can also have a picnic on the beach after the hike, or even scuba dive in the lustrous waters.

Mike Lake

Located in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Mike Lake is the perfect pit stop for families or friends who want a short nature walk before hitting the beach. It’s two kilometres round trip, takes less than an hour to do, and is the perfect walk for some scenic lake shots.

Head out towards the yellow gate that leads out of the parking lot, and follow the road down until you reach the sign that says ‘Lake Trail.’ Take a right, and weave your way through the beautiful forestry. Make sure you don’t turn right after the lookout point, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in the bush area.

Spirit Trail

Located in Harrison Hot Springs, Spirit Trail is unique in the sense that the walk through the cedar forest has several pairs of eyes staring back at you, and we’re not talking about animals (although there are an abundance of those as well).

The trees are decorated with clay masks made by artist Earnie Eaves, who is a Harrison local. The one kilometre loop is south of the lake, and takes approximately 30 minutes in total.

Twin Falls

In the Lynn Canyon area, Twin Falls is a quick round trip through the Canyon area. It crosses the suspension bridge, follows Lynn Creek down the river, where you can cross a wooden bridge and come up back around the other side.

It’s a 1.5 kilometre hike, which is rated relatively easy but still a little steep. You’re able to access the Twin Falls trail by crossing the suspension bridge, then taking two rights to the falls. It follows the Baden Powell trail, where you make your way through the mossy, fairy-like forest.

Whistler Train Wreck

One of the most popular attractions in Whistler, the Whistler Train Wreck offers incredible views of Cheakamus River as well as boasting the colourful train cars that have been in the forest since 1956.

It follows the Sea to Sky trail, as well as crossing a suspension bridge. It’s a two kilometre hike round trip, and is accessible May through November.

Bridal Veil Falls

Another incredible waterfall in the lower mainland, Bridal Veil Falls got its name from the way the waterfall falls across the smooth rock surface, creating a ‘veil-like’ effect.

Located a little outside Chilliwack, it’s a relatively easy hike that’s about 0.8 kilometres round trip, and takes about half an hour to complete with a view at the end that makes it all worth it.


We hope you enjoy these short yet scenic kid-friendly hikes this Spring or Summer.


Source: 604NOW