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9 New Foods To Try At The Richmond Night Market This Year

by Amy Huang |

The largest night market in North America is best known for its unique food offerings and this year’s food line-up will not disappoint. The Summer Wonderland themed night market will bring some must-try bites worthy of a spot on every foodies bucket list.

Experience cool new food trends as well as the return of some of your favourites.

New Must-Try Eats at the 2023 Richmond Night Market

Lulu Burger


This burger joint will be making its debut at this year’s night market. They specialize in classic American smash burgers with a twist. Try their Bacon Jam Boursin burger, or their classic Plain Jane burger.

Skewers and soup bowls from Big Way Hot Pot


Big Way Hot Pot is opening of two brand new booths at this year’s night market, selling delicious hot pot skewers in a cup and a variation of their delicious hot pot bowls. You can find them at stalls  #F87 and #F88.

First Yogurt Cubes by Ho Nice Yogurt


Square shape yogurts made with fresh fruit. This new stall is debuting for the first time this year at stall #F6.


Deep Fried Ice Cream at Golden Scoop


Golden Scoop is bringing its decadent deep fried ice cream to the night market this year at stall #F02. They also call it ice cream tempura — and it looks delicious. They have lots of flavours to choose from, including vanilla ice cream with waffles and brownies, strawberry ice cream with cheesecake and strawberry wafers, pistachio ice cream with Reese peanut butter cups, Oreos and mixed nuts.

Karaage King’s Chicken Karaage


Dig into this vendor’s chicken karaage that come in a variety of flavours, from a chili that’s both spicy and sweet to a tartar sauce with a kick. you can find them at stall #S2.

Banhmi 429


This new banh mi stall features traditional Vietnamese sandwiches with a variety of flavors and ingredients to choose from. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, there’s a banhmi for everyone at stall #F44


Butter Beer Factory


There isn’t much information about this stand. However,  it appears to be a new beverage stand that will serve a drink similar to that from the famous wizarding world. You can check it out at stall F49

Thai Street Grill


This new stall will feature a variety of Thai style flame grilled meats paired with coconut rice to make a delicious meal.

Waffun waffles on a stick 

This stall will feature Belgium waffles on a stick covered in a variety of different icing and toppings.



Returning Favourites

Flying Noodles


Flying Cup Noodles, a beloved choice for many, is set to unveil a novel flavor this year – a cup of noodles featuring soft-shell crab accompanied by an egg.

Loaded Bubble Waffes


Eggette House offers Hong Kong street food style bubble waffles with a large variety of fillings. This year they’ll be introducing their latest flavour: durian and cheese.

Milk Cha’s Baby Bottle Milk Tea


Drink milk tea from a baby bottle courtesy of Milk Cha. This adorable beverage was a major hit last year.


Mochido donuts


Famous for their premium mochi donut, Mochido returns to this year’s night market with tons of new flavours.

Sushi Tacos


Get the best of both worlds at Sushi Nori Taco, by getting tacos that are stuffed with sushi.


Source: 604NOW