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9 Playgrounds in Richmond Kids Will Want To Explore At Least Once

by Amy Huang |

Well we have found some of the best play areas in Richmond that have been attracting people from other parts of Metro Vancouver. These playgrounds have gotten a lot of attention for their uniqueness and how they boast a lot of free-play. With large open spaces and proximity to planes and water views, it’s no wonder Richmond has really great play sites.

Take a look at this list, how many of these Richmond playgrounds have you played at?

Richmond Playgrounds Worth Checking Out

Terra Nova Rural Park


This adventure park was designed with nature in mind, to encourage kids to connect to it and enjoy it. Features include a 10m treehouse, zip lines, a large former farm area, modern maze, hillside slide, climbing wall, picnic area and quite literally hours of fun.

This playground is known for its million dollar design (literally) and lives right on the end of Terra Nova right on the river.

King George/Cambie Community Park


Known for hosting birthday parties, due to a large central gazebo, this park has it all. There is a large splash pad and water park, as well as two large playgrounds (one for little children) and one for bigger ones. In addition there is a lot of green space for ample running around. This park provides hours of fun and options for play.

Steveston Community Park


With 30 acres of fun, this is a central fun zone. There is a large splash pad and water park for kids of all ages, includes a large outdoor pool (entry through the community centre) and ample sports courts.

The playgrounds have a fishing theme and includes giant trawler play structures with connecting climbing zones, tunnels, and multiple play areas. It truly is a large space of play.


Kidd Neighbourhood School Park


Located at Thomas Kidd Elementary School, this neighbourhood park has fun playground area as well as a climbing wall. It is also located right beside a basketball court, and a field. There is also a number of picnic tables nearby to set up a picnic for a day.

Garden City Park


This is a beautiful playground connected to naturally fun elements. There are several climbing structures, large slides and hours of fun here. The water play area is a real draw with its own stream, table and dam. There is also a large sandbox area, a duck pond with walking path, so really there are endless options.

Richmond Nature Park


Though some may not know it, but amongst the bogs and plants and little creatures in the Nature Park, there is also a playground which is nature inspired. The design is catered to natural elements and sits by a nature house.

It’s a great place to learn a bit more about wildlife and natural habitats and play in a gorgeous wooden playground.


Middle Arm Waterfront Park


This park area is beautiful due to the stunning views alone. It sits on the waterfront of the Fraser River and has amazing views of the North Shore Mountains. There is a series of sensory-focussed play areas, native and ornamental plantings, public art, an amphitheatre all right within the park. The giant play tug boat is always a hit with the kids.

Larry Berg Flight Path Park


Known for a perfect area to watch the planes fly by, there is an airport inspired play area right along No. 2 Road. There is a giant globe to climb, large runways to run down, and a view that is breathtaking. Kids have fun running around this area that feels like being “on top of the world.”

McArthur Glen Playground


Amongst the shopping outlets, there is a large play area full of colour, climbing structures including a large tower, balancing structures, slides, and so much more. Although closed off due to COVID-19, this area can house kids of all ages, catering to 3 to 12 and sit under a giant canopy.


Source: 604NOW