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by Amy Huang |

These Richmond restaurants all have something special to offer and will definitely make you feel like you’ve been transported somewhere far far away.

Richmond restaurants that feel like a holiday

Xiaolongkan Hotpot


Stepping into this restaurant will be like a journey to the far east. From inside and out, this restaurant feels like it was plucked right out of Asia.  The delicious food in addition to the elaborate decor will make any guest feel like they just experience a full culinary journey.

Xiaolongkan focuses on “flavors from the soul, quality with integrity”. Serving hot pot soup bases with genuine flavors, fresh and healthy ingredients and a diverse and innovative array of products.

Location: 8320 Alexandra Road


Team Lab Music Restaurant

Taste the flavours of Asia by digging into Asian fusion eats at this must-try restaurant. But they offer so much more than just authentic eats and sips. Team Lab Music Restaurant also offers up an immersive experience along with your meal.

Inspired by international art collective teamLab, guests will be able to take in a variety of incredible LED light installations at the restaurant while they dine. The installations include an interactive LED floor.

Location: #1008 8300 Capstan Way


Fujiwara Tofu Cafe

Want to feel like you entered right into a Japanese Anime? This new Richmond cafe is dedicated to the popular street racing show Initial D. The cafe only just opened this fall, but have been drawing crowds.

Based on the tofu shop of the same name featured in the show, the menu serves signature tofu dishes, along with some other amazing drinks and desserts.

Location: #2110 – 391 Alexandra Road



Get a taste of the Mediterranean in your own backyard at this newly-opened restaurant in Richmond. The Mediterranean-inspired Bruno is located inside the Versante Hotel. The menu is full of must-try small and large plates. They include a burrata summer orchard salad, grilled Wagyu flank steak, truffle lavender duck and a mouth-watering 52oz bone-in ribeye steak.

Diners can get a taste of everything by indulging in the Bruno tasting board experience. The extravagant spread starts off with an oyster shellfish cart and appetizers and ends with entrees and dessert. One of their most unique desserts is their housemade popsicles, which are made within seconds using a chilling machine right by your tableside.

Location: 8499 Bridgeport Road

Anar Persian Cuisine


If you’re ever craving Persian cuisine, this is the place to go. Anar focuses on creating delicious meals based on traditional Iranian cooking methods, and food traditions. It is located in a cute heritage building in the Steveston Village.

Their menu consists of an amazing collection of starters like hummus and fallafel, along with kabobs, platters and much more.

Location: 12051 Third Ave

Memory Corner


This vibrant Taiwanese restaurant is amply named Memory Corner, to honour the owner’s grandparent’s original restaurant in Taiwan. They have gone above and beyond to recreate the colourful atmosphere of the streets, including the vintage mailboxes set up right inside the front door.

The beautifully curated restaurant dedicates both their food and their decor to the restaurant’s origin. Specializing in lamb dishes from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as well as offering classic items like deep fried chicken, shaved ice desserts, and much more.

Location: 1110-4651 Garden City Road

Empire Seafood Restaurant


It’s no secret that Richmond is home to some of the greatest Chinese food you’ll find in the region and even the continent. U.S. based food publication Eater named the city as being the best place to eat Chinese food in North America.

Empire Seafood Restaurant is one of the best spots to experience Chinese cuisine. They have an impressively large selection of seafood and dim sum options to dig into. So you’ll have plenty to try out.

Location: 5951 No. 3 Road



This intimate restaurant specializing in Armenian eats is a must. Dig into everything from traditional flatbreads to chicken kebab wraps to eggplant rolls and pides.

Anyone who eats here may feel like they’re actually in Armenia. The food is just that good.

Location: 11782 River Road

Happy Lamb Hot Pot


Head to this hot spot for all things hot pot at Landsdowne Mall. The popular eatery serves authentic hot pot dishes in a unique setting. The food is served raw and you can cook it up yourself in a pot of delicious boiling soup right at your table.

Not only is the food authentic, you may even feel like you’ve been transported into the future, as this place has robot servers. Just order your food via tablet and once it’s ready, a robot will appear at your table to serve you.

Location: #405 – 5300 No. 3 Road


Source: 604NOW