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Alice Lake

by Blog Updates |
From the parking lot, walk towards the beach area of Alice Lake and follow the path, heading counterclockwise around the lake. On the opposite side of the lake is another small beach area and a parking lot. Walk up the steps to the parking lot and a short distance to the left is a trail that heads uphill next to a small creek. A sign should mark the start of this trail as the "Four Lakes Trail".

Take the "Four Lakes Trail" as it heads uphill and away from the crowds. A couple of small bridges cross the creek before the trail becomes a bit steeper and goes through a series of switchbacks. After a few switchbacks, the trail levels out and continues for another 10 minutes to a sign that points to Edith Lake.

Walk down the short hill and on the other side of the trees sits Edith Lake. Continue a short distance to the left for a better view. To head to the next lake, continue walking along the wide road to the left towards an intersection with another gravel road. Cross the intersection and continue straight as the road narrows.

A short distance later, you will reach another junction with an old sign. Stay to the left and just a few steps further is another sign that leads to a short trail to Fawn Lake, the third lake of this loop. Fawn Lake is the smallest of the four lakes but is also very scenic and has a nice area to sit and have a snack while enjoying the scenery.

Walk back to the main trail and immediately go left, taking the trail towards Stump Lake. The trail weaves through the forest and gradually descends downhill. Eventually, you reach another junction with a sign. Continue walking straight as the sound of rushing water from the Cheekye River becomes louder. The trail winds through another forest grove before reaching a switchback where the Cheekye River can be seen below.

A short distance from the river, the trail comes up over a small ridge to reveal a view of Stump Lake. Go left at the junction and walk alongside the lake, keeping an eye out for other scenic views.

At the far end of Stump Lake, you reach a final junction with a sign that takes you back towards the camping area and parking lot of Alice Lake. Take this trail to the paved road. Carefully cross the road and walk down the other side into the camping area until you reach the end of the road and can see Alice Lake. Go right and walk towards the parking lot where you started your hike.