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by Amy Huang |

To be happy and healthy…a goal for many Canadians.

Lenstore, a contact lens shop based in the United Kingdom, reviewed the connection between health and happiness by taking a analyzing countries across the world.

They found that there seems to be a link between health and happiness. Canada clearly reflects that.

    Canada is One of The Happiest and Healthiest in the World

    Lenstore’s study took a look at 84 countries in the World Happiness Report and compared it to various health metrics including: happiness, life expectancy, availability and quality of healthcare, how physically active people are, amount of visual impairments, and its score on the World Health Index.

    It showed that countries with universal health care had an average happiness rating 0.4 points higher than countries that don’t.

    In that regard, Canada ranked #10. Canada is the tenth happiest country researched and boasts high life expectancy at birth and healthcare access and quality.

    The Top 10 Happiest Countries

    Here is the top 10 countries in order of happiest and how they take care of their citizens health-wise.

    1. Finland
    2. Denmark
    3. Switzerland
    4. Iceland
    5. Norway
    6. Netherlands
    7. Sweden
    8. New Zealand
    9. Austria
    10. Canada

    Another Fact

    It’s important to note that when the study looked specifically at visual impairments alone, they found that those countries with the least actually were amongst the happiest. When sorting the list based on sight, Canada was the second happiest country in the world.

    Overall, when looking at high life expectancy, low prevalence of visual impairments, and accessibility and quality of healthcare, the study showed that a healthy country is a happy country.

    GO(Oh) Canada!


    Source: 604Now