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Canadians McMorris, Parrot, and Toutant Sweep Dew Tour Men’s Slopestyle

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What a ride it was for the men’s slopestyle competitors here at Dew Tour. While a traditional slopestyle event would have riders hitting both rails and jumps in a singe run, this year’s contest format was unconventional: the slopestyle finals spanned two days. Friday saw the competition field soaring over a single 65-foot jump in near-blizzard conditions, with contestants starting well above the planned staging area to compensate for the slow, snowy run-in. Saturday, the same group of competitors took to the jib section of the course, demonstrating their mastery of the second of two distinct slopestyle disciplines.

Though the atypical format was a product of a dry spell in Colorado—which ironically seemed to end as soon as Dew Tour began— the serendipitous result of the revision was that it allowed riders to focus on putting down their best tricks in both the jump and jibs section, absent of the fear of falling mid-run.


The classic look of satisfaction on Mark McMorris' face.
The classic look of satisfaction on Mark McMorris’ face. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Torstein Horgmo approved of Dew Tour’s 2016 Slopestyle setup, saying, “If this would have been the same slopestyle course that they have had for the past 10 years, I wouldn’t have come. But they changed it up, so I am super down.”

Third-place finisher Sebastien Toutant stomped a backside triple cork 1440 indy during Friday’s jump portion of the event, and the following day took to the jibs with acuity.  Seb came out of the gate with a nosepress back 180 to switch nose press on the flat to down rail, followed by a cab 450 off his toes onto the second rail, a pole jam to backside tail slide across the top of the Toyota cage, and finished with a frontside 270 to lipslide on the last rail, putting him in the number-three spot.

Max Parrot, who finished in second overall, opened up in the jib section with a frontside 270 lipslide to 270 out, followed with a cab 450 on to 450 out, then a blunt slide 270 out, Parrot wrapped up his run with a backside 360 to 50-50, backside 180 out.

Mark McMorris shined during the jump portion of event, landing both a backside triple cork 1440 and a frontside triple cork 1440 to finish with a score of 95.33. During the jib portion, results were less certain for McMorris, but on his third and final run, McMorris managed to cab onto the first box before spinning a 270 onto the down rail with a 270 out, followed by a cab hardway 270 onto the next down rail with a 270 out, a pole jam to frontside lipslide across the Toyota cage—a 4-Runner enclosed in chainlink—and finishing with a frontside 270 onto the down rail. This gave McMorris the win by more than a 10-point spread.

Congratulations to the boys from the North on a full Canadian sweep of the unorthodox 2016 Dew Tour men’s slopestyle competition.

Full results:

1. Mark McMorris: Jumps 95.33, Jibs 77.83 – Total: 172.66
2. Max Parrot: Jumps 76.66, Jibs 85.00 – Total: 161.66
3. Seb Toots: Jumps 79.66, Jibs 81.00 – Total: 160.66
4. Chas Guldemond: Jumps 77.99, Jibs 70.33 – Total: 148.32
5. Tyler Nicholson: Jumps 80.00, Jibs 67.00 – Total: 147.00
6. Mikey Ciccarelli: Jumps 77.00, Jibs 66.00 – Total: 143.00
7. Marcus Kleveland: Jumps 78.66, Jibs 61.66 – Total: 140.32
8. Brock Crouch: Jumps 76.33, Jibs 59.66 – Total: 135.99

For all the pictures and details visit Transworld Snowboarding.