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by Amy Huang |

Here are some of the most colourful, natural places to explore this year.

Spotted Lake in Osoyoos

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Photo: Ava Buralan / Flickr

This natural wonder is a lake with busting full of minerals, giving it a spotty appearance throughout. It’s filled with minerals including: calcium, magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphates. As a result, its an incredible place to observe nature’s paintbrush nestled in Osoyoos.

It’s the most visible in the Summer months when most of the water evaporates. When that happens, it leaves the minerals to form in different sizes and colours—such as green, yellow and blue.

Joffre Lakes

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Photo: sheikghafoor / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Located past Whistler near Pemberton, there are three lakes in total on this enchanting hike: upper, middle, and lower. Each of the lakes offers a pristine view of turquoise, glacier fed water surrounded by soaring mountain ranges and an endless sea of trees. The colour of the water is stunning without an Instagram filter, and is therefore a popular place to snap photos. While the hike is nice during warmer weather, the park is magical during the winter.

Quarry Lake on Texada Lake

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Photo: Pierre Leclerc / 604 Now Flickr Pool

An abandoned limestone quarry is flooded over and takes on a magnificent, aquamarine hue. Named “Quarry Lake,” this body of water is the perfect, colourful escape on a hot summer day. Located on Texada Island, the swimming hole greets visitors with a breath-taking view.

The Quarry is considered to be private property; however, the rest of the island promotes tourism and offers a plethora of beautiful places to explore.

The Sylvia Hotel Foliage

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Photo: Kyle Pearce / Flickr

While it isn’t a feat of architecture, nature’s handiwork has made this iconic hotel an aesthetic wonder.

The sides of the building are covered with a lovely flourish of foliage, and it takes on exquisite orange, red, and yellow hues during the fall months. Passersby often stop to take snaps of the sweeping display, and the building makes multiple Instagram appearances during Autumn.

Emerald Lake

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Photo: BugMan50 / Flickr

Known for its stunning, emerald waters, this Rocky Mountain gem is located in Yoho National Park. Visitors are always blown away by the pristine lake; they often stay at the Emerald Lake Lodge to enjoy it. As a result of its proximity to the lake, the lodge was named one of the world’s most beautiful.

Sooke Potholes

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Photo: jadennyberg / 604 Now Flickr Pool Submission

This beautiful place is home to a plethora of cascading waterfalls, which are found along the Sooke River. Numerous potholes line along a river over 3 miles and length. People enjoy swimming in these emerald green waters, and posting their memories to Instagram.

The Sooke River is also an important breeding ground for Chinook and Coho Salmon; the fish use the pristine river to spawn, and provide a colourful display when they do. Also, people practice catch and release fishing in the area.

Naramata Valley in the Okanagan


The Naramata Valley in the Okanagan is home to a number of incredible vineyards, which turn vibrant shades of red, yellow, and green throughout the year. Indeed, the area is not only breathtaking, but offers a number of activities to enjoy the whole year round. What’s more, its situated on the the breathtaking Lake Okanagan.

Scuba Diving

British Columbia offers some of the most incredible diving in the entire world. Not only are the coastlines packed with diverse wildlife, but there various shipwrecks to explore. In addition, brightly coloured schools of fish, elegant coral and sea lions are some of the underwater highlights. The sunshine coast’s emerald waters are a sight to behold, and Port Hardy’s diving is named the best in North America.


Source: 604NOW