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But practicing social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean we have to lock ourselves up completely. One of the main things it does allow us to do is to enjoy one of the many B.C. hikes on offer.

National Parks are closed, unfortunately, but there’s still plenty more places to visit.

Here are some hot spots to visit.

Twin Falls – The North Shore

Photo: Lynn Canyon

This short but popular hike in North Vancouver takes about an hour to complete. There are 1.5 kms of trails to explore, as it crosses Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Minnekhada Regional Park – Coquitlam

This Coquitlam spot has 10 kms of trails to choose from and is a peaceful spot to spend an afternoon and take in all the nature and wildlife in the area.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park – Vancouver

scenic hikes

Photo: @boyddom/Instagram

Take a stroll through Pacific Spirit, near UBC. Here, there are 10 kms of trails that vary in length. You can explore just one or multiple as you enjoy the endless rows of trees.

Rice Lake  North Vancouver

Situated on the edge of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, this peaceful lake is surrounded by lush moss-covered trees and a variety of wildlife.

Buntzen Lake  Port Moody


Photo: / Instagram

This hike near Port Moody has something for everyone. There is scenic woodland, lake views, and even a suspension bridge waiting for you to explore.

Lighthouse Park  West Vancouver

This spot has a network of easy trails to take on, with up to 6kms. They’re relatively flat and take only a couple hours to complete. The park is open year-round, but Spring just may be the best time to go.

Staying Safe on your Hike

British Columbia Search and Rescue Association has a few tips for you, as you head out during this pandemic.

“BCSARA encourages you to enjoy what BC has to offer but would like to ask the public of BC to do their part to come home safe,” states the website.

Here’s what they recommend:

  • Go with someone else, but keep the groups small to maintain social distancing
  • Remember, winter just ended, so there may be snow on the ground in some areas, so dress appropriately
  • Stick to familiar and safe trails
  • If you do get lost or hurt, call 911 and let the operator know if you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, so rescuers can be protected

So, enjoy the sun, relax and stay safe.



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