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Experience the Iconic ‘Friends’ Apartment in Victoria’s Airbnb

by Amy Huang |

In the words of Janice: Oh. My. God.

The Friends themed Airbnb is just like Monica and Rachel’s (and later Monica and Chandler’s) apartment. Aptly named “The One with the Purple Apartment”, it features the same lilac-coloured walls as the one on the hit tv show.

Every corner of the space has been adorned with references to the beloved sitcom “Friends.” Visitors can expect to see everything from pictures of the show’s cast to intricate details of Monica’s kitchen.

friends airbnb victoria
Photo: Airbnb

There are so many fun props that will make your stay extra fun trying to find them all. There are artwork and popular catch phrases from the show (ie: Pivot!), and a designated spot for Central Perk. Joey’s cuddly penguin, “Hugsy,” can be found sitting on the bed. While Phoebe’s artwork Glady is peering out at you from a frame on the wall.

Although it is not an exact duplicate of Monica’s iconic apartment, this charming and cozy space is equally delightful and inviting. There are a features a plethora of Friends-inspired games and trivia, making it a must-visit destination for any fan of the show.

friends airbnb victoria
Photo: Airbnb

The Airbnb is conveniently located in downtown Victoria, and costs only about $150 / night, and has everything you need.

The 350 square feet loft-style apartment has one bed up top and a pull out couch that another person could sleep comfortably in the living room. It can hosts up to 4 people, and guests also access a large rooftop patio.


The One with the Purple Apartment

Where: Downtown Victoria