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Grouse Grind

by Blog Updates |

There’s a badge of courage that comes with the Grouse Grind hike, meaning you used your now steel- lined thighs to climb the 853 metres (2,800 feet) to the top of Grouse Mountain. This 2.9 kilometre (1.8 mile) trail, with an average grade of about 30 degrees, feels more like steep staircase than a hike, but the views from the top that scan the Vancouver skyline are worth the pain. See if you can beat the official course record of 25:01.

Novice hikers should plan for roughly two hours to ascend the trail. Thankfully, the restaurants and cafés at the summit have plenty of healthy and hearty food options to help you refuel. For those who want a less intense hike, the Skyride provides a scenic lift to the mountain resort, and there are numerous trails to the various attractions offered at Grouse Mountain Resort. Self-guided hikes and guided eco-tour walks are available to show you everything there is to see and do.


Source: Tourism Vancouver