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Here’s When Cherry Blossoms Will Reach Peak Bloom in Metro Vancouver This Year

by Amy Huang |

If so, you may be interested in learning the best places to view them, in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, or the Tricities. However, you may also be interested in learning when is the best time to view them.

These flowers do have a peak blooming time.

There are approximately 43,000 cherry blossom trees in Metro Vancouver. On average, each tree blossoms for about 2 weeks long.

There are about 57 different varieties, each with a slightly different peak bloom.

This year’s peak bloom can take place anywhere between March 19 to April 21. However, experts this year puts it closer to April 5.

Cherry Blossom species and the best time for viewing:

  • The Whitcomb variety usually starts first by early-mid March.
  • Most early cultivars bloom first in mid to late March, such as the popular light pink Akebono.
  • The darker pink, Kanzan, blooms a couple weeks later in mid to late April 
  • The latest blooms of Shogetsu bloom between late April to early May and are rigid white petals.
vancouver cherry blossom festival
Photo: @spencerfinlay / Flickr

To learn more about each variety and peak blooms times of cherry blossoms in Vancouver, there is a cultivars timeline available. Overall, the cherry blossoms seem to be in full bloom late March to mid-April and seem to be time when streets are mainly covered in pink.

Perhaps get your cameras ready now and ensure to have them fully charged through the month of April.

Check out the details for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival which has dedicated events and neighbourhood tours which will allow you to get the best views.

Get ready to get your fill of the cherry blossoms across Metro Vancouver, we know we can’t wait.


Source: 604NOW