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Take a 3 Hour Drift Down One Of BC’s Most Beautiful Lazy Rivers This Summer

by Amy Huang |

Summer is in full swing and there’s no better time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful backyard.

Luckily, BC has a number of great places to discover while the weather is hot. And, if you are looking for a way to beat the heat, there are a number of stunning oceanfront beaches as well as secluded lakes.


With that being said, there’s nothing like a lazy river ride. For one, its the perfect activity to enjoy with friends. It is extremely relaxing, and you get to go on a scenic, soothing journey.

Located in the breathtaking Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, the Cowichan River offers an ideal drifting experience.


Cowichan River Ride

The rolling journey takes you an epic 2.5 hour float down stream. And, you can even rent inner-tubes at The Tube Shack if you don’t bring a floatie of your own!

Of course, you can bring an innertube, but it is useful for visitors that may not come prepared.



The first hour of the trip is a laid back journey through the start of the river. What’s more, you’ll spot some fantastic old bridges and beautiful scenery. After this, the ride pics up; however, it won’t get too wild (this is more of a relaxing float rather than an adrenaline rush.)

Not only is the Cowichan Valley beautiful, but it also enjoys the warmest weather in the country. As such, riding down the Cowichan River on a sunny day is pure bliss.

There many magical places to discover on Vancouver Island. A couple include: a rope swing at the end of a hike on Vancouver Island and a triple tumbling waterfall.

In addition, Vancouver Island has the highest concentration in North America. Complete with hidden waterfalls, ancient fossils, crystalline formations and so much more, these caverns transport you into another world.


Source: 604NOW