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by Amy Huang |

Cyclists in Burnaby will be excited to learn about an indoor lounge being made just for bikers.

The entire facility will be made as part of the condo development happening beside Metropolis, The cycling amenities itself will take up a whole floor and host everything you can think of. In fact, the Concord Metrotown will be the world’s largest indoor bike lounge.

Though located in Burnaby, it’s expected this bike lounge will attract cyclists from all over Metro Vancouver.

The Largest of its Kind

According to Concord Pacific, this will be “the largest and most comprehensive bike amenity ever created for a condo development completed this will stand as the the world’s largest bike lounge ever planned as part of a condominium project.”

The developers recently announced the exciting development. The condo and bike lounge is expected to be completed in 2025.

What Will the Indoor Bike Lounge Include?

Interestingly enough the bike lounge is being built at the future tallest building in Metro Vancouver.

The bike amenities that will take up one full floor will include:

  • 50,000 sq-ft facility with multiple areas just for cyclists
  • a dedicated elevator just for bike transportation
  • a gear room stocked with tools to repair and maintain bikes
  • an indoor bike loop
  • a Spin Studio
  • 2 bikes lounges
  • washing bay to clean mud and dirt off your bike
  • change and shower facilities
  • secure storage for 1,500 bicycles and additional premium storage solutions
  • electrical outlets for E-bike charging.

What it Would Look Like

concord metrotown bike loop

Indoor Bike Loop – Photo: Concord Metrotown

concord metrotown bike lounge

Bike Lounge – Photo: Concord Metrotown

concord metrotown washing room

Bike Wash – Photo: Concord Metrotown

concord metrotown indoor bike lounge

Gear Room – Photo: Concord Metrotown

concord metrotown spin studio

Spin Studio – Photo: Concord Metrotown

concord metrotown bike elevator

Bike Elevator – Photo: Concord Metrotown

concord metrotown outside

Photo: Concord Metrotown


Source: 604Now