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There’s A 1920s Fishing Village Nestled On The Banks Of The Fraser River

by Amy Huang |

No, we’re not talking about Steveston. But this spot is also located in Richmond. Discover Finn Slough on the south end of No. 4 Road.

The sleepy community only has about 30 residents, all of whom live in wooden houses — both floating and built on pilings — along the river bank.


Many of the buildings in the tiny community were built between the late 19th century and the 1950s and several of them have decayed over time.

Finn Slough was founded by Finnish settlers who travelled to Richmond in the 1880s. And a majority of them ended up making a good living for themselves by fishing and becoming local landowners.


The Slough is bounded by Gilmour Island on the Fraser River side and by a dyke built to protect Richmond on the north side.

Given its rugged charm, the area has become a popular place to take pictures and has been featured on numerous postcards being sold across Vancouver.


Finn Slough

Location: On the south end of No. 4 Road, Richmond


Source: 604NOW