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Top 5 Waterfalls to Visit in and around Vancouver

by Blog Updates |

1. Kennedy Falls

Location: Mt. Fromme area, North Vancouver
Difficulty: Moderate
Time needed: 4 – 5 hours (10km)

This waterfall is hidden in the hills of North Vancouver and is located at the end of a nice, fairly easy stretch of trail. To get to the trail, (try) and park in the Mt. Fromme parking lot. Walk up the gravel road until you see a sign that says “Big Cedar Trail”, keep going! It’s a bit of a long walk, but it’s worth it for the amazing waterfall at the end. This trail is pretty empty during the week but traffic picks up during the weekend. Always remember to stay out of the way of mountain bikers! You’ll spot them near the entrance of the trail. (more info)

Lynn Canyon Twin Falls

Lynn Canyon Twin Falls. Photo Credit: Lynn Canyon

2. Twin Falls

Location: Lynn Valley Headwaters, North Vancouver
Difficulty: Easy
Time needed: 30 minutes – 1 hour

The Lynn Valley Headwaters park is a fun, nature path to explore. The highlight has got to be the waterfalls that have naturally formed through the river. Twin Falls makes for some excellent photographs, especially when the light is shining on the beautiful green water below. If you have time, wander around the nearby trails to get more views of the river, or just head North to ogle at the brave (crazy?) souls cooling off in the 30 ft pool. (more info)


3. Granite Falls

Location: Indian Arm, North Vancouver
Difficulty: Depends on your mode of transportation!
Time needed: 1 hour+++

Located up Indian Arm near Deep Cove, Granite Falls is a spectacular destination if you have access to a boat. If you have arms of steel you can rent a kayak and make an attempt to get to the falls (although an overnighter trip is highly recommended). Otherwise, book a boat tour and cruise up the arm to check out the falls in style. In hot summer months you can take a dip in the small pools that have been carved into the granite rock face. It makes for a perfect picnic destination or an awesome overnighter if you’re prepared. (more info)

waterfall vancouver

Image courtesy of Cameron | Flickr

4. Gold Creek Falls (Golden Ears)

Location: Golden Ears Park, Maple Ridge
Difficulty: Easy
Time needed: 2 hours (5.5km)

Take a trip to the suburbs to check out this gem of a waterfall at Golden Ears park in Maple Ridge. The drive from Vancouver will likely only take an hour or so, and you’ll be transported to a natural wonderland. Golden Ears Park has many different trails to explore but the most popular (rightly-so) trail takes you to Gold Creek Falls, a short hike with a big pay-off. On a good day the water is an amazing turquoise colour, and is very refreshing for a toe-bath (more info)

bridal veil falls

Image courtesy of Hunda | Flickr

5. Bridal Veil Falls 

Location: Chilliwack
Difficulty: Easy
Time needed: 30 minutes

This is a nice pit stop if you’re headed up to the interior for a few days. Bridal Falls is a spectacular cascading waterfall that is accessible by a very short trail. The name of the falls comes from the smooth rock below that create a “veil like” effect from the falling water. It’s a great place to stop and stretch your legs and there’s even a small water-park nearby! (more info)

What’s your favourite waterfall in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section below! We’ve also found a great list of all the waterfall hikes in the surrounding area, try and get to them all this summer!

Source: Inside Vancouver