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by Amy Huang |

Vroom…Vancouver is one step closer to hosting the Formula E World Championship next summer.

City council has reviewed and approved the motion to bring the battery-powered electric race car event to the False Creek area for the summer of 2022.

This would be a 3-day, family-fun long weekend event filled with musical and cultural attractions.


E For Environment

Formula E’s concept is based around being environmentally friendly due to the cars being all-electric. As such, there would also be a conference focusing on climate change and sustainability as part of the event.

Certified by the UN, these cars are net-zero (emission). The entire event, not just the race itself, is a demonstration of electric transportation. The underlying purpose is to bring awareness to try and work towards sustainability.

The city has recognized that one of the major constraints to shifting to an electric vehicle is the availability of charging stations. Therefore, part of the proposal is for event organizers to leave any charging infrastructures in the community after the race is over.

E For Economy?

One of the main considerations is going to be the economic impact of hosting an event as such, after recovering from the pandemic.

The OSS Group projects the event would generate about $80 million and 3,000 jobs. The proposal says that there would be on investment required by the city to host the event. The costs would be covered by the organizer.

City counsellor Michael Wiebe, says, “[This is] a huge opportunity for us coming out of COVID to have a really interesting event that’s going to be multifaceted with concerts and conventions.”

Does Vancouver Want The Formula E Races Here?

Some groups have already shown support of the races in Vancouver:

  • B.C. Place (PavCo)
  • Rogers Arena
  • Science World
  • Westpark
  • Tourism Vancouver
  • B.C. Restaurant Foodservices Association
  • B.C. Hotel Association
  • Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
  • Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

Vancouver has hosted the Indy races in previous years, and fans have been very receptive of those events. The notion is that fans will be equally intrigued by the idea of an electric race as well.

The Next Steps

An office will be establish in Vancouver, and a local team will be formed to begin the detailed planning. Then a date that fits in the international race calendar will be set.

More details will be revealed in the upcoming months, but it looks like next summer could be shaping up to be an exciting one.


Source: 604Now