Stunning the area of Town Centre Park, Lights at Lafarge returns this year. The lake will once again be dazzling visitors as they walk through the beautiful Christmas displays and enjoy some festive fun.

The Lafarge winter lights display will begin on November 27.

Lights at Lafarge is the largest free outdoor display in Coquitlam. For 9 full weeks, this huge and beautiful display will light up the 1.2km stroll around the lake. This is an annual event, where people get to enjoy the garden unique designs with their family and friends.

This year, the trail has been made into two walking loops within the park. There is also an opportunity to plan to visit during off-peak hours (before 6:00 p.m. and after 8:00 p.m.), to minimize crowds.


The busiest time for these displays seem to be around the week of December 20 to 26. Guests are asked to avoid that time if possible. when it can be busier and more congested. And, as there will be no kick-off event this year, the nine-week long display offers lots of time to get outside and walk among the lights.

Bundle up, charge that camera, bring a cup of cocoa, and light up with glee.

Lights at Lafarge

Location: Town Centre Park - 1299 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

Admission: FREE

Date: Saturday November 27th, 2021 - Sunday January 31st, 2021


Source: 604NOW