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10 Ways To Beat The Blues In Raincouver

by Ben Chang |

Here are ten ways to beat the blues in Raincouver.

1. Have a VIP experience at the movies

VIP Cinemas is the best adults-only movie experience. No kids. Alcohol. Milkshakes delivered right to your plush and oversized leather seat. Marine Drive has a decked-out VIP complex where even the walkway up to the elevator that takes you up to VIP is a luxurious excursion. If you’re looking for a movie with a beer, Fifth Ave is a good bet.

2. Pretend you’re in the tropics at the Bloedel Conservatory

Photo: Grant Harder / Flickr

Photo: Grant Harder / Flickr

At Bloedel Conservatory, you can pretend to be somewhere sunny with more than 120 exotic birds, 500 plants and flowers from the tropics and deserts to keep you company. Hang out with African parrots and soak in the warm temperature. It’s a surefire way to forget it’s pouring April showers.

3. Have a beer flight at a brewery you’ve been meaning to try

Photo: Skye Chilton / Flickr

Photo: Skye Chilton / Flickr

Vancouver is arguably one of North America’s leading craft beer capitals. Take advantage of it by checking out a new brewery you have not been to before but that you’ve been meaning to try. You never know. You may end up finding your next favourite haunt to fill up your growler.

4. Go to the Market at Granville Island

Photo: v chung / Flickr

Photo: v chung / Flickr

Rainy days at Granville Island may be the one time you see more locals than tourists in the area. That’s because all the smart locals do their shopping at the market when the crowds thin out. Making a meal at home? Have some fun and pick up fresh ingredients at the market. Along the way, you’ll most likely end up with a couple of things you didn’t know you were looking for until you saw it.

5. Find the sloth at the Vancouver Aquarium


Photo: BohemianDolls / Flickr

No matter what age you’re at, the Vancouver Aquarium is pretty magical. The dancing moon jellyfish are always going to be breathtaking and hypnotic to watch. The sloth must be found somewhere during the walk through the Amazon Gallery. There are marvellous creatures to see in Canada’s largest aquarium that you can take the time to take it all in on a rainy day.

6. Wander the stacks of Vancouver Public Library

We can all agree learning is cool so what’s cooler than the library? Especially one modelled after the Colosseum. There is something relaxing about curling up with a good book on a rainy day and a cup of tea. Head down to the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch and wander around the stacks for a book to get lost in.

7. Explore a new museum or art gallery


Photo: Elle / Flickr

Making the trip to the museum or the art gallery can be a fascinating experience especially when big exhibitions come into town. Vancouver Art Gallery or the Museum of Anthropology at UBC are the big names in town when it comes to renowned collections, but try something new and make a trek to one you’ve never been to before. Museum of Vancouver or Vancouver Contemporary Gallery may be on your list. Or maybe it’s the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

8. Do it indoors

As Nike would say, just do it. A rainy day is no excuse to sit on your butt the entire day. Recreational exercise may be your best protection yet against a dull day. Wanted to try kickboxing or a pilates class? If you are planning to hit the gym, here’s our primer on the most effective types of cardio for toning your body. Rainy weather may be the boost of inspiration you need to get energized on your workout.

9. Play board games at the bar

Because you are an adult and you can throw back a beer while strategizing your next move in Settlers of Catan. While Storm Crow Alehouse is top of mind for most people, there are a couple of other establishments that provide board games for patrons including The Score on Davie as well as Bomber Brewing.

10. Dance at a live music show

We don’t just mean Rogers Arena. Vancouver’s music venues bring in touring artists that will speak to you whether you love rap, hip-hop, EDM, indie rock, pop, metal or electronic. There are music events happening every night with reasonably priced tickets that the hard part is deciding which one to commit to.


Source: 604Now