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Vancouver is getting a MASSIVE new winter festival inspired by the North Pole

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Back in May, we told you there was a possibility that this massive festival would be taking place at the Concord Pacific lands at Northeast False Creek and it looks like it’s going to happen.

New to the lineup this year is the Aurora Winter Festival, a family-friendly holiday attraction coming to Vancouver this November.

The site plan will allow for a maximum attendance capacity of up to 6,000 people.

Site plan of Aurora Winter Festival Vancouver 2018 showing the Frozen River. (Aurora Winter Festival)

Organizers are proposing the following attractions:

  • 50 inspired outdoor huts along Main Street
  • A temporary 180-ft-long, 30-ft-high tube park slide with four sliding lanes will be built
  • Mystical ice worlds featuring a Yeti, Snow Queen, and Ice Elves
  • A Frozen River for ice skating will be created along the backside of Mystical Worlds to allow attendees to skate along and enjoy the light displays
  • 15 food trucks
  • A 60-ft diameter dome will be used as Santa’s Workshop with craft stations for kids
  • An 8,000-sq-ft entertainment tent will be programmed with bands and choirs on a small stage
  • A classic-like Carousel will feature beautifully painted horses that move up and down as the ride rotates

The festival will also be combining technology and exploration, with an interactive app suitable for kids and adults alike — with festive prizes to be won.


The perfect festive outing for friends and families alike, the Aurora Winter festival is set to arrive on November 22, although dates have yet to be confirmed.

The official announcement with all of the details of the inaugural Aurora Winter Festival will be released on September 27. Toronto’s official announcement will be released on October 4


Source: DailyHive