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by Amy Huang |

While non-essential travel remains off-limits due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we can still plan for some future adventures in our own backyard.

Our province is home to a plethora of must-visit places that will make you feel like you’ve travelled to another country.

BC Destinations That Feel Foreign

Galiano Island’s Sandstone Caves

sandstone caves

Photo: @mandymwcheung / IG

Taking a stroll through these enchanting caves on Galiano Island will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a much more tropical place. It’s one of the most heavily photographed attractions in the region and it’s easy to see why. With their creamy sides worn to smooth curves, the unique formations are a true testament to the beauty of Mother Nature.

Galiano Island is home to some of BC’s most incredible geological formations, as well as lush forests and an abundance of wildlife.

Mysterious Cave with a Natural Buddha

Horne Lake Provincial Park

Photo: Misommk / Fickr

Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of caves in North America, with more than 1,000 caves to discover. This is due to the fact that nearly four per cent of the island was formed by the erosion of soluble rocks.

One of the most fascinating caves in the area is the “smiling Buddha room,” which is nestled in Horne Lake Provincial Park. A Buddha can be seen sitting serenely above a reflecting pool, hence its name.

Hornby Island’s Flora Inlet

Sharks /

Photo: SF Brit / Flickr

You can go shark diving in the Flora Inlet, located on Hornby Island. The rocky reef is one of only a few places on the planet where divers can swim with six-gill sharks. These sharks usually spend their time in extremely deep water and divers are unable to withstand the pressure. But at the Flora Inlet, they spend their summers in the shallow waters along the reef, which provides an ideal depth for viewing.

The incredible waters are also home to Steller sea lions and a variety of other fascinating marine inhabitants.

Johnson Lake, Barriere

johnson lake bc destinations

Photo: @katelyn.faulkner/Instagram

This serene lake is better known as being the clearest body of water in BC, so much so that the crystal clear waters are often referred to as being a taste of the Caribbean right here in BC.

Therefore, it will feel more like a tropical vacation even though it’s in your own backyard. Find it in Barriere, which is just north of Kamloops.

Botanical Beach Tide Pools, Juan De Fuca Trail

Botanical Beach Provincial Park bc destinations

Photo: @betterwithadventure / IG

If you like to discover marine creatures, you have to add this gem to your BC bucket list. You’ll find starfish, sea urchins, blue mussel shells, white gooseneck barnacles, sea cucumbers and more in these magical sandstone tide pools at Botanical Beach.

This spot is along Vancouver Island’s picturesque Juan De Fuca hiking trail, just a two hour drive from Victoria.

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Photo: Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Escape to this secluded sanctuary, which is an idyllic setting for some much-needed rest and relaxation. The resort is on the uninhabited Kinghorn Island and has a maximum capacity of 10-12 guests at a time.

Therefore, visitors are afforded with an exclusive and peaceful retreat all while being able to take in some of the most awe-inspiring views the region has to offer.

Pitt River Hot Springs

Pitt River Hot Springs

Photo: milne.19 / Instagram

This hidden gem will definitely make you feel like you’re somewhere far away. It’s a lesser-known spot that is quite a bit of a trek (you’ll need a boat), but it’s totally worth it. Much like its name suggests, the hot springs are next to the scenic Pitt River.

Once you arrive, you’ll be able to soak up all of the natural benefits hot springs have to offer in one of the most beautiful settings in BC. The journey may be a bit long, but it makes the destination that much better.


Source: 604Now