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by Amy Huang |


For those that want to find the local gems in their remote areas, we have a number of great spots to view them. So, if you want to see cherry blossoms in Surrey, take a look at these hot spots.


Nico-Wynd Golf Course – South Surrey

cherry blossoms surrey

Photo: @sonjapetersonphotography / IG

Nico-Wynd is a great little golf course that has views of the Nicomekl River and the North shore mountains. Golfers can enjoy a round of golf and enjoy the views, and guests can take them in too, adding the bonus of cherry blossoms in the Spring.

Bear Creek Park

cherry blossoms surrey

Photo: / IG

More than just a park full of activities, play areas and a train, this park has a number of pink trees that make the space beautiful.

Hjorth Road Park – Surrey Central Area

cherry blossoms surrey

Photo: @cherithcc / IG

Surrey Central is a hub of many things. You can now add viewing cherry blossoms in Surrey to that list, as blooms have been sighted at the park near this area on Hjorth Road.

Crescent Park – South Surrey

cherry blossoms surrey

Photo: @beachandjane / IG

The popular park is a great place to go to with family to enjoy a nice Spring day. This area has trails, forests and secret meadows, and of course cherry blossoms. It’s a great place for pictures.

Maple Park Inner Streets

cherry blossoms surrey

Photo: Maple Park Inner St / UBC Botanical Garden Forum

All along the inner streets by Maple Park such as 86a Avenue, 86b Avenue and 151a Street, you can find these pink flowers blooming and showering the inside roads with pink. It is a pretty sight.

101 and 102 Avenue &  158 Street

cherry blossoms surrey

Photo: 102 st Surry / UBC Botanical Garden Forum

There are hidden gems throughout Surrey, streets that are lined with cherry blossom trees. There are consecutive view of the pretty pink blooms that rivals those in Vancouver. So why not take a stroll and explore your beautiful city, you may find a few good places to snap a pic or two.


Source: 604NOW