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Red Bull release new pro snowboarding vid filmed on Grouse Mountain

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Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain is the focus of a brand new Red Bull video featuring superstar snowboarders riding a brand new course they designed themselves.

The three-minute action clip, Uncorked, was shot over the period of a week back in February and features seven snowboarders from Canada, Australia and Japan:

  • Mark McMorris (Canada)
  • Seb ‘Toots’ Toutant (Canada)
  • Craig McMorris (Canada)
  • Mickey Ciccarelli (Canada)
  • Tyler Nicholson (Canada)
  • Scotty James (Australia)
  • Yuki Kadono (Japan)

A scaled-down version of the course, which was designed by the McMorris brothers and Toutant, has been left in place for visitors to Grouse Mountain to enjoy this season.

Speaking to Daily Hive at the time of shooting, Olympian and X-Games gold medallist Mark McMorris described the course as “super cool, super progressive.”

“The levels we’re at can be inspiring for people, but they can also seem unobtainable. Now, people in Vancouver can go ride the same setup after we leave.”

Located on Grouse Mountain’s signature run The Cut, the course took Grouse Mountain staff 260 hours to build over two weeks, and used around 43,000 square feet of snow.

The course used in the film begins with an urban-inspired section, including a 10-foot shipping container and two custom-built rails.

The six-deck course then leads into a rolling knuckle and two unique jump features, before concluding with a long transfer rail.

Here are the full details:

Deck 1

  • Shipping container on a hip with 2 takeoff options
  • Up tube and flat down tube
  • Gap over chain into a capped rail

Deck 2

  • Hip with an optional quarter pipe takeoff
  • Tube and wall ride on a spine platform
  • R2D2 bonk leading into a drop tube or C drop tube

Deck 3

  • Camel back jump

Deck 4

  • Step over jump – takeoff with channel gap

Deck 5

  • Centre step over jump with side banked walls – 3 takeoff options

Deck 6

  • The Toutant Transfer – down flat to side-by-side down flat downs

Grouse Mountain spokesperson Julia Grant told Daily Hive that as a skier, the course might be a little out of her league, but it was impressive to see what the pros could do.

“It was great to show what our team can do on this level, dealing with these internationally recognized riders,” said Grant.

“For our terrain parks team, it was a great opportunity to really showcase their skills in terrain park building.”

Grant said elements of the course are open to the mountain’s guests, but due to the high levels of snowfall, some have had to be closed temporarily.

“They’ve had to make some adjustments, but our jump line is in place, which [allows you to jump] off these constructed jumps over the city with the view down below.”

“We have a fantastic snowbase, so we’re looking forward to some good spring ski and riding,” said Grant. “We have a good spring season ahead.”

‘Our goal is to make it fun’

Seb Toots told Daily Hive the new course is built for more experienced riders, but there are both “mellow” and “gnarly” ways to hit most of the features.

“Our goal is to make it fun – it’s more about being creative and doing something that is fresh for a snowboard.”

CBC Sports will air a 30-minute behind the scenes feature about the Uncorked video clip, Building a Snowboarder’s Dream, on Thursday April 6, at 7 pm.

In the meantime, you can watch the Uncorked film at the top of this story, and enjoy some behind the scenes photos below.


Source: Daily Hive