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TEDxStanleyPark 2018

by Ben Chang |

Vancouver’s TEDxStanleyPark 2018

TEDxStanleyPark is an independently organized TEDx event, modeled after the internationally-renowned world TED Conference which, since 2014, is also held annually in Vancouver.

Speakers in 2017 included TV personality Vikram Vij and Canadian Green Party politician Elizabeth May.

Speakers in 2018 include an intimacy therapy coach, a Métis singer and actress, an 11 year-old immigrant, a Syrian Canadian Advocate and a body image activist, among others. See below for details.

When & Where in 2018

In 2018 TEDxStanleyPark takes place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 650 Hamilton Street on Saturday, March 3rd.

TEDxStanleyPark is a full-day event. Speaking sessions begin at 10 o’clock and presentations conclude by around 5:30 pm.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre Seating Map

What’s Included with Admission?

Tickets for TEDxStanleyPark in 2018 include an incredible amount of value for the price including the following:

  • Amazing Speakers and Learning – A day of learning from about a dozen highly talented and inspirational speakers. (See below for a list of the speakers for 2018 and their bios.)
  • Bonus Gifts – Get valuable bonuses with each ticket purchased (including free comedy show tickets, a massage, a float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank and beginner ballroom dance lessons).
TEDxStanleyPark 2018 Speakers
2018 TEDxStanleyPark Speakers
TEDxStanleyPark 2018 Speakers

TEDxStanleyPark speakers in 2018 include personal coaches, authors, new immigrants to Canada and a wide variety of topic experts. See below for the list of speakers for the 2018 event, or click on any of the following names to jump to a specific person:

Mohammed Alsaleh | Amy Color | Claire Snyman | Karen McGregor | Camille Mehta | Andrea Menard | Zamina Mithani | Sarah Morgan | Dominic Ribino | Theresa Sabo | Victoria Welsby | Roger Wong | Jenny Zou

Mohammed Alsaleh

Mohammed Alsaleh at TEDx 2018Mohammed Alsaleh was a medical student in Syria when, after being tortured and imprisoned for his peaceful opposition to the Assad Regime, he fled to Lebanon. Later, in 2014, he had the good fortune to be among the very first Syrian refugees to arrive in British Columbia.

Now in Vancouver, Mohammed has worked for the past three years as a Resettlement Worker and is currently a Refugee Sponsorship Trainer with the Immigrant Services Society of BC.

Mohammed is not new to public speaking and TEDx events. In 2017, in fact, he gave a talk at Vancouver’s TEDxEastVan.

At TEDxStanleyPark Mohammed argues that refugees aren’t who people think they are, and that there will be growing and different types of refugees in the future. He is truly grateful to Canada for accepting him as a refugee, and he challenges his audiences to think about what they can do to help address the growing global crisis.

Amy Color

Amy Color at TEDx 2018Amy Color is a Vancouver-based intimacy therapy coach and trauma expert who specializes in empowerment and sexual health. She works with couples and individuals and her techniques help heal intimacy and deepen connections.

As Amy points out in her TEDx talk, feelings of loneliness and isolation in relationships is epidemic. Amy wants people to care for their partners so they can live “dangerous” together! Her presentation describes a simple wordless technique that fosters a life of exploration, intimacy and great sex!

Claire Snyman

Claire Snyman at TEDx 2018Claire Snyman is a South-African-Canadian living in West Vancouver. Diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2010, she is the author of the book Two Steps Forward – Embracing Life with a Brain Tumor. She is also a blogger and advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration.

In her TEDx talk Claire shares her experience of suffering from an acute illness and having to see doctors, wait for tests and undergo treatments. It can be scary, she says, but getting through it all can be helped by assembling a team and being an advocate for yourself.

Karen McGregor

Karen McGregor at TEDx 2018Karen McGregor is a bestselling author, speaker and CEO of the Speaker Success Formula. As a coach she helps entrepreneurs and other leaders create and deliver powerful presentations. Clients of Karen’s have included Olympic athletes, experts in the medical field, accomplished artists and a wide variety of experts from multiple different fields.

At TEDxStanleyPark Karen argues that perfection is not the enemy of happiness, but, rather, it presents an opportunity for encounters with greatness.

For tickets and other information, visit the TEDxStanleyPark website.

Camille Mehta

Camille Mehta at TEDx 2018Camille Mehta is an artist, teacher, poet and mother of four. Her mission is to end the isolation of women and families who struggle with maternal mental illness.

As a primarily self-taught artist, Camille works with acrylics, watercolours and ink, as well as digital mediums.

In her 2018 TEDxStanleyPark talk, Camille addresses the topic of postpartum depression which she has had personal experience with.

Andrea Menard

Andrea Menard at TEDx 2018Andrea Menard is a Métis singer, actress, writer and public speaker. As a singer Andrea has performed for royalty, heads of state, ambassadors and NATO generals. As an actress she has had Gemini-nominated roles including in The Velvet Devil, Moccasin Flats, and Rabbit Fall TV productions.

As a professional public speaker known for her musical keynotes, Andrea has been taught by her Elders “to speak for those who cannot, and to feel for those who are unable.”

Andrea’s TEDxStanleyPark talk title is “Your Voice Matters” and it’s about finding and using one’s voice to create change in the world. Her message is for people not to be afraid of their voices and that everyone’s message is important and valuable.

Zamina Mithani

Zamina Mithani at TEDx 2018Zamina Mithani is a Science and Master of Management student at the University of British Columbia. She is also the President of the Interfaith Collaboration for Kindness Foundation and Vice President External of the Sauder School of Business’s Top 40 Under 40. She has a keen interest in social responsibility, values-based leadership and diversity, as well as for spoken poetry and stand-up comedy.

In her 2018 TEDxStanleyPark talk Zamina addresses the topic of racism. She discusses how all humans are one-of-a-kind and that we need to accept each other’s intrinsic humanity and do more than just tolerate one another’s differences.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan at TEDx 2018Sarah Morgan is an entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design specializing in Biomimicry and LED Lighting. Based now in Vancouver but previously the UK, she is also the CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies which is a next-generation Quantum Dot lighting company.

In her TEDx presentation Sarah talks about what happens with the cycles of the sun and addresses the issue of seasonal affective disorder which, she points out, affects some two billion people. As Sarah explains, an old technology can make people happier, healthier and better sleepers and her 2018 talk will “light up your life.”

Dominic Rubino

Dominic Rubino at TEDx 2018Dominic Rubino operates a FocalPoint Business Coaching service. He is a business coach, trainer and corporate speaker, but also a husband and father who asks if it’s possible to take the tools, lessons learned and strategies of running a successful business and apply them to family life.

In his talk Dominic points out that leaders are typically proactive in their business lives, but reactive in their family lives. Strategic planning is essential to business success, so what benefits might it have for family success? At TEDxStanleyPark Dominic shares his experiences and what he’s discovered.

Theresa Sabo

Theresa Sabo at TEDx 2018Theresa Sabo is a member of the Canadian Patient Safety Institution and a World Health Organization Patient Safety Champion. She suffered near-death experiences twice due to medical errors and is now, consequently, a strong advocate for safer healthcare.

In her 2018 TEDx presentation Theresa points out that medical errors are, by some accounts, the third leading cause of death in Canada. Also, 1 in 18 patients admitted to hospital suffer from medical mistakes resulting in harmful consequences. Theresa’s talk addresses how medical errors can be prevented.

For tickets and further information, visit the TEDxStanleyPark website.

Victoria Welsby

Victoria Welsby at TEDx 2018Victoria Welsby is a personal coach, Body Image Movement Global Ambassador and Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is also a survivor of spousal abuse, homelessness, low self-esteem and childhood poverty.

In Victoria’s words, according to her website, she helps “badass women learn to love themselves so that they can live their authentic life without giving a f#@% what other people think.” She empowers women to be confident and true to themselves, and to stand up for who they are and what they are meant to be.

In her TEDx talk Victoria argues that people should focus on things that really make them happy, not their waist sizes, and that society needs to change the perception that thin people are better than fat people. Individuals should be valued for the capacity of their hearts, not by their size!

Roger Wong

Roger Wong at TEDx 2018Dr. Roger Wong is a medical physician specializing in Geriatrics, as well as the Executive Associate Dean of Education at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine. He has also been the President of the Canadian Geriatrics Society and he helped found Vancouver’s Acute Care for Elders Units (ACE).

At TEDxStanleyPark Roger discusses the issue of elder care and the benefits of extending seniors’ lives and time at home.

Jenny Zou

Jenny Zou at TEDx 2018Jenny Zou is an 11-year-old elementary school student, an immigrant to Canada, and a global citizen with big ideas. Jenny argues that kindness and lessons learned at school can help solve global problems.

In her 2018 TEDx presentation, Jenny points out that children learn about much more than just math, languages and science at school, and that elementary answers can and should be applied to global challenges.

About TEDxStanleyPark

The vision of TEDxStanleyPark is to make the world a better place. It accomplishes this by producing an annual not-for-profit intellectual variety show where inspirational speakers share innovative and optimistic ideas that address some of society’s toughest challenges with a community of open and curious minds looking for ways to make a difference.

The presentations and ideas shared at TEDxStanleyPark build awareness, shift attitudes and lead to changes that make a difference. They give legs to dreams of what could be.

At TEDxStanleyPark you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe and you’ll walk away with actionable wisdom. Don’t miss it!


Source: Vancouver's Best Places