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Whistler Bucket List: Winter Camping, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

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Sat atop a boulder looking across a glacial lake with our 9 little tents in the distance, a quote creeped forward from the back our of mind:

Humans are disappearing from the outdoors at a rate that would make them top any conservationist’s list of endangered species. – Tim Gill from The Ecologist

It’s an interesting thought. Especially when you consider that technology bares most of the blame for keeping kids, and adults alike, glued to their screens. However in some cases, proven at this week’s Expeditioners #TheBCProject InstaMeet, technology is actually helping to bring people together, outdoors and in the real world.

For day 3 & 4 of the InstaMeet, The Expeditioners (Roberto and Bella), the Summit Lodge and 15 keen and awesome Instgrammers (who were complete strangers at the start of the week) embarked on an overnight winter camping adventure at Upper Joffre Lake in British Columbia.

An InstaMeet is a spontaneous gathering of people via Instagram. The goal is to get all of your online contacts together in real life to forge new friendships through doing rad activities together.

Here’s our photo journal of our amazing experience:

In the summer this area is a huge boulder field, and in the winter you see why – it’s a major avalanche path. With @WildernessWyatt and @Hannahkeiver. Quick Fact: Joffre is part of the Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest region, one of the most diverse, rich and engaged rainforests on the plant.

At the second lake we spot @Snowood and his dog Micah catching some of the rare afternoon winter sun. They’re also known as @twotwofourexplore – an Instagram account dedicated to inspiring others to travel with their dogs.

Once we reach the third lake two of the InstaMeet organizers @expeditionersbella and @brookewillson lead the way to scout for a camp site.

@snowood, @dancarrphoto, @beau.ramsey and @expeditionersbella discussing potential avalanche hazards and the safest place to set-up camp for the night.

@theexpeditioners, @expeditionersbella, @taylormichaelburk, @beau.ramsey, @dancarrphoto, @snowood, @twotwofourexplore and @kajsaedvinsson setting up their tents at the edge of upper Joffre Lake, BC.

In no time at all our lakeside home for the night was ready…complete with incredible mountain vista.

The cloud and fog rolled in almost totally obscuring our view of Joffre Peak, but we didn’t mind.

@snowood took this beautiful shot of his tent aglow in the snow.


Fresh Morning Snow On The Tents At Joffre Lakes

In the morning we woke up to a few inches of fresh snow covering our tents. Micah was already wide awake and waiting for @victoriafarrand and @snowood to come and play with him in the freshies (@twotwofourexplore).

wyett and hanna in trees (1 of 1)

@WildernessWyatt and @HannaKeiver amongst some of the giant trees that fill the valley at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

wyett at waterfall vertical (1 of 1)

On the way down @wildernesswyatt stopped to get a shot of his flag that reads “Keep Exploring” with the majestic waterfall that captivates everyone who walks the trail.

Happy Exploring!


Source: Art of Living